The liquids used in many processes in the industry must be separated / filtered from the metal particles (ferromagnetic particles iron, steel, casting etc.) mixed with them during production.

Particularly during the processing of metal processing oils (Coolant and neat oils) used in the metal processing industry, a very high amount of ferro metal particles are mixed in their structures and separation of these particles in terms of the level of cleaning of the liquids is of great importance.

Magnetic separators and filtration units that we produce as Merta Filtration can be used alone in any application or they can be used as pre-filtration to paper filtration units. A complete filtration is provided here, as the paper filtration units also separate non-magnetic particles.


It is a magnetic separator version in which magnetized disc surfaces are covered with a stainless steel sheath. The magnets that create the magnetic power thus work in a more protected environment. It can add a squeeze cylinder to squeeze the process liquid contained in the ferrometal particles collected on the magnetic cylinder. High power Ferrite magnets are used. General working principle; The dirty liquid supplied to the magnetic separator with the appropriate flow and speed contacts the magnetic metal surface. Fluid free of magnetic particles continues to flow into the line. Ferromagnetic particles attached to the magnetic cylinder are crushed with a separate cylinder placed in the upper part of the cylinder, and the liquid inside the particles is squeezed and flowed back into the liquid line. The particles on the magnetic cylinder are finally removed from the magnetic cylinder with a scraper blade and dropped to the waste point.




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