Especially enterprises that use Emulsion and Water-based process fluids (such as Boron Oil) due to production may also mix mineral oils with different structures than other systems in the plant. Slideway oil, hydraulic oil, metal rust protectors, gear oils, greases etc. These mixed oils affect the efficiency, life and performance of the water-based mother liquor used in production. Therefore, external waste oils need to be separated.


Merta YAS waste mineral oil separation units are the systems that are used to remove the waste oils from the tank / pool or reservoir where they accumulate and to separate them with the liquid used.


Merta YAS waste mineral oil separation system absorbs waste mineral oils from its location by separating them in its own body with its special pump and mobile suction system that absorbs over the liquid reserve (tank, pool, etc.). The system simultaneously separates the process liquid (emulsion, , water, etc.) that it absorbs from the liquid surface together with the waste oil back into the same chamber. Separated oils are taken into a separate waste oil container in the form of pure oil. All these processes take place as a bypass when the plant, operation, machine is running. It does not require any posture.

Merta YAS waste oil separation units usage points;

Waste skid accumulated on coolant tanks in metal processing industry for separation of hydraulic oils

-In the separation of skid oils accumulating in CNC bench tanks

-Central Boron Oil Management systems in main tanks

– Iron and steel etc. using dense cooling water. in the separation of waste oils accumulated in cooling water pools in sectors

-In the separation of waste oils accumulated in the washing baths of Metal Washing / Parts Washing machines.

– In the separation of waste oils in the pre-wash baths / tanks of the wet and powder paint shops.

– Central systems in pipe profile production facilities and cable and wire drawing facilities

Merta YAS waste oil separation units maintain coolant and oil-water emulsions whenever they work. This emulsion care is firstly caused by the formation of bacteria caused by waste oil in the emulsion, ph degradation etc. solves the problems and since the system absorbs liquid from the tank with continuous circulation and gives clean liquid to the tank again, it prevents the formation of bacteria (unairobic bacteria).


  • They are produced in different capacities according to the need at the point of use. For a small CNC  tank or a 1,000-ton cooling tower pool.
  • In accordance with its size, the liquid suction system is also produced in different sizes and capacities.
  • It can be produced from stainless or DKP material according to the usage point and liquid type.
  • The pump used is the diaphragm air driven pump. Suction does not make air.
  •  Mobile version production is available on demand.



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