Merta Makine San. Ltd. Ltd. Şti was founded in 2011 by Mehmet Ali Bulut, the founder of the company, who has blended his knowledge and experience in the industrial oil industry for years with the needs of the industry and transformed it into solutions.


It is known that filtration fluid management systems are very important for metalworking oils to operate more smoothly and performance due to the conditions of use, otherwise metal processing fluids have completed their very fast service life, become waste and bring serious burdens to the enterprises that use them.


Therefore, the main activity of Merta Filtration; To provide solutions for “MANAGEMENT, FILTRATION and AUTOMATION” of process fluids (boron oil, pure metal processing oils, washing liquids, etc.) in the metal processing industry, and to produce original and domestic filtration machines within its own engineering, design, manufacturing, automation and assembly departments.


In addition, our company is on its way to becoming a successful partner by offering package solutions for the applications of Metalworking machines / workbenches in our country and especially abroad.


Central systems, which are the top product / service group of Merta Filtration, gather the liquid need of many metal processing machines / operation points on a line or operation basis around a Central main system, and enable the enterprises to manage their process fluids with full automation.

Boron Oil (Oil-Water emulsions) is one of the most used liquids in the sector. Especially bacterial growth, ph changes, increased conductivity, etc. Many structural problems can be prevented completely by correct filtration and cycle.


From the first moment metal processing fluids / oils enter the enterprises, Merta Filtration provides great contributions to the sector with many solutions that enable the existing liquids to operate at maximum performance, prolong service life and reduce the amount of waste completely or substantially.


In systems with an accurate fluid management and filtration solution, bench tanks are kept clean. Thus, periodic stops in the enterprises, cleaning of the liquid tanks, disposal of the process liquid by changing the liquid, etc. processes are minimized. Therefore, a correctly constructed filtration system provides great savings to the company over time.


“Merta fıltratıon ıs the only domestıc company that can provıde the property solutıon provısıons you are lookıng for wıth the experted staff on the fıltratıon of the process fluıds and the experıence of thıs.”



To produce the best filtration solutions and machines for process fluids with a team spirit that makes continuous improvement culture and always struggle for the better, to make a difference with an innovative perspective at home and abroad.



It is to offer products and services for the needs with its user-friendly systems that provide maximum efficiency and minimum waste in metalworking fluids and to move its customers to the best point in fluid management.