It is a flat (low depth) gravity type filter unit. It is used for filtering and purification of many different liquids, especially metalworking fluids (coolant-emulsions and neat oils).

Merta GRV filtration unit works with filter Paper that performs filtering and guarantees the filtration level between 10 micron and 50 micron according to the characteristics of the selected paper.

The fully automatic Merta GRV gravity bed filter is a great success in the separation of magnetic and non-magnetic particles in filter metal working fluids. The system has the ability to separate high pollution amounts in the liquid to be filtered quickly and without stopping.

Depending on the type of liquid, Merta Grv can also be manufactured in stainless steel.


  • The dirty liquid first comes to the dispenser section that provides balanced pouring to the paper filter. This section is to prevent the liquid from spilling on the single point of the paper filter and to ensure efficient use of the paper filter.
  • When dirty liquid paper passes through the filter, shavings, dust, etc. they leave impurities on the paper filter.
  • The paper filter gradually collects dirt until it loses its permeability.
  • At this point, the rising liquid level in the paper filter triggers the floating level sensor and automation takes over.
  • In the filtration unit, the conveyor system on which the paper filter lies moves with the incoming signal. The dirty and impermeable paper filter is thrown out of the system and a clean paper filter is brought under the dirty liquid flow.
  • There is a waste container in front of the system for dirty paper filter.
  • Merta Filtration Merta Grv manufactures gravity type filter units in 10 different capacities between 50 lt / min and 500 lt / min. Depending on demand, special productions up to 2.000 lt / min are possible.


  • Magnetic filtration unit
  • Tank in desired volume
  • Low and High Pressure Pumps
  • Waste mineral oil separators on the tank
  • Automatic filling system
  • Full automation



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