New generation high efficiency industrial particulate liquid filtration system. It is a highly sensitive filtration system for the filtration of many different industrial liquids, especially metal working fluids.

It is used for filtering and separating all metal and non-metal pollution mixed with metalworking oils (boron oil and pure metalworking oils) used in the metalworking industry after processing.

The system does filtering with a paper filter. The filtration level is determined according to the selected paper filter type. It is possible to filter between 10 micron and 100 micron.

Thanks to the Merta Compact filter special sealing system, it ensures that the filtered liquid is trapped in the filtering area and the liquid level is increased much more than other filter types, so that the filtered liquid passes through the filter paper with its own weight.

Merta Compact filtration units with Paper Filter operate fully automatically.

Our company starts 3 different types of Compact units starting from 150 lt / min and producing up to 1.000 lt / min.


  • It takes up less space than other filter types (flat gravity).
  • The efficiency of the paper filter used is very high.
  • Thanks to the hydrostatic pressure, higher fastness paper filters can be used.
  • Thanks to the way of using the paper filter, the paper filter tears, folds, etc. problems do not occur.


  • Magnetic filtration unit
  • Tank volume may optimised
  • Low and High Pressure Pumps
  • Waste mineral oil separators on the tank
  • Automatic filling system
  • Full automation



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